API Key Request

API Key Request Form

Contact Name The name of the person who will be using the CFL API key.
E-mail Address An e-mail address that we can contact you at about the status of your API key approval, updates to the development of the CFL API, et cetera.
App Description A short description of the thing you're looking to build using the data from the CFL API.
I acknowledge that the CFL API is to be used by individuals only, and agree to the following statements:
I am an individual and not a company, organization, corporation, firm or business.
I will not use the CFL API for commercial purposes.
I will not use the CFL API to create a product that, in the CFL's opinion, will compete with an existing CFL product.
I agree to the following statements governing my usage of the CFL API:
I will limit my usage of the CFL API to under 30 requests per minute, and will make all best efforts to keep my API key secret.
I acknowledge that the CFL has and reserves the right to revoke access to the CFL API at any time at its sole discretion.
I have read and agree to the CFL Public License.